Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well for my few followers here's a loooong overdue post.

It's confession time. I'm in a rut. Actually I've probably been in it for a while now.

It's been increasingly harder to get up to be to the gym by 5:45am.

Eating habits are OK but I'm not keeping track like I once was.

I don't think I've put any weight back on save for maybe a few lbs but I'm not too happy with myself.

Take this morning for instance. It's 6:26 am and I've been up since about 5:25am. Do you think I went to the gym? No. I've been stalling, ruminating, pondering.

In case your wondering, I haven't given up; not by a long shot. I'm in this for life; for the long hall. I just wanted to bring y'all up to date.

Believe in me as I continue to believe in myself.

Thanks for sharing the journey.

More posts to come soon.


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